How it Works

Xpertin enables talented freelancers to find and work on the projects and the clients to find and hire relevant freelancers for their projects. Here is how it works:

Looking to hire freelancer for your project?

Xpertin provides you a platform to find and hire freelancers with relevant skills and local experience. You can easily find freelancers, track your tasks, review the work, and process secured payments, all within one platform.

Step 1: Post Your Project

The first step is to let freelancers know what you want to get done. Define your project through the "Post a Project" section with all possible details and publish the project on the Xpertin platform, which enables freelancers with relevant skills to bid on your project. You can also invite selected freelancers to bid on your project by finding through "Find a Freelancer" section, then send them an invitation to bid.

Step 2: Receive Bids

As soon as you publish your project on the Xpertin platform, freelancers with the required skills will submit their bids on your project. The system will notify you every time you receive a bid on your project. On your project page, you can view all the details of the bids as provided by the bidders such as the proposal, the expected milestones, the price and estimated days of implementation. By clicking on the name of the freelancer, you can review their profile, professional qualifications, experiences, portfolio, and previous reviews from customers.

Review the bids and choose the best bidder that will achieve your project's goals successfully. We recommend having a conversation with the bidders through the Xpertin platform to clarify the details of the bids when needed. Xpertin provides "Chat" feature on the platform that is the only allowed way to communicate, to make sure everything is recorded.

When you select the best bid, accept the bid by pressing the "Award" button and the system will inform the bidder of this. Note that you can withdraw the award at any time before it is confirmed by the bidder.

Step 3: Start Project

Once the bidder confirms "Award", it will be considered as the bidder's acceptance of the contract. Once the award is accepted by Freelancer, the system will create the project workspace that you can access from you "Dashboard" section. The workspace enables the parties (client and freelancer) to follow up the implementation of the project milestones until the full completion of the project. It includes the following functions: Project Details; Project Milestones and Values; Shared Files and a Chat Window.

You need to officially start the project/milestone by pressing the "Start" button from the workspace. Upon your confirmation, the freelancers will share the relevant files and outputs with you for your review and approval. You can also share files and information through the workspace that may be useful in accomplishing the work. When a milestone is completed by the freelancer and after you review the output, you need to mark the milestone as completed by pressing the "Mark as Completed" button. The relevant project milestone will be considered completed and the expert will continue to work on other milestones of the project until all are completed and thus complete work on the project.

Start Milestone and Transfer Amount to ESCROW:

When you press the "Start" button for a milestone, the system will take you to the payment screen, which allows you to pay the value of the milestone either from your available balance or by credit/debit card. The system will then store the value of the milestone in the escrow account. It is very important to note that the amount will remain in escrow and will not be transferred to the expert account until the completion of work on the project milestone and upon your approval.

Complete Milestone and Transfer Money to Expert:

When you approve a milestone as complete by pressing the "Mark as Completed" button, the system will transfer the milestone's amount from Escrow to the freelancer's account. Please be aware that in the event of disagreement over the outputs of a milestone or quality of work, we advise you to work with the expert until the desired quality is achieved. If no agreement is reached, you may terminate the project and refund the amount of the specific milestone from Escrow. This, however, is not recommended.

Step 4: Review and rating

Review of the project and quality of work

Upon completion of all project milestones and transfer of all amounts to the expert's account, the parties will be required to provide a project review. Project review is one of the most important steps of the project as it helps in assessing the quality of work, the way the work was conducted and the overall customer satisfaction. Project review contributes heavily in improving the classification of bids and bidders in general. Therefore, we ask our valued customers to provide a project review upon the completion of the project, which will take only a few minutes from your valuable time.

Working as a freelancer?

Xperin is a safe and easy-to-use platform for you to find interesting projects according to your skills and experience, deliver the work, and get paid. Here is an explanation of the main step:

Step 1: Find and "bid" on projects

Register yourself on Xpertin and complete your profile with as mush information as you can. Specially, your skills, experience, portfolio, qualifications, etc. You can search open projects from “Find a Project” section. Carefully read the client’s requirements, and if you believe you are able to perform the work needed, submit a proposal bid and your price. Use your proposal bid strategically to demonstrate to the client that you understand his/her needs; your chances to be selected will be higher. At this point you can optionally define the proposed project milestones, which we encourage you to do in order to demonstrate strong understanding to the client. 

The client may send you an invitation to bid on their project if they see you have the required qualifications, so always make sure to provide as much details as possible in your profile page. We also regularly email you a list of new projects available that fall within your expertise, so be sure to check out your inbox!

Step 2: Get awarded

Once the client awards you a project and you accept the award, you may start working on the project by breaking it down into as many milestones as necessary. Make sure the client understands how you are structuring your project by explaining what each milestone is about and what the corresponding deliverables are. The smaller in value the milestones are, the better it is.

Once you confirm the project, the system will create the project workspace on the Xpertin platform. The workspace enables the parties (yourself and the client) to follow up the implementation of the project milestones until the full completion of the project. It includes the following functions:

- Project details and description of the offer and the agreed price

- The project milestones and the value of each

- Shared files that are uploaded by either party

- A Chat window between the parties

Once the milestones are defined, you need to request the client to start a milestone by clicking the “Request Start” button in the workspace. At this stage, the client pays the amount, in advance, to Xpertin platform so that the payment is secured and you won’t worry about not getting paid. Once the project is completed you will get the amount in your account.

Step 3: Complete the project and get paid

Finally when the work for any milestone is completed and delivered to the client to his/her satisfaction, the payment is transferred to your account according to the amount you both agreed on*!

*After deduction of Xpertin’s fees

Step 4: Withdraw money from Xpertin 

After successful completion of a project/milestone, the amount is added to your Xpertin account. You can later request for withdrawal through available payment options.