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The Cost of Hiring the Wrong Employee in Dubai, UAE

As a hiring manager, you may have faced a situation where you wanted to believe the person you’ve hired was the perfect man for the given job. Maybe at the time of the interview, you had a strong intuition that they were the best out of the lot. Or maybe the hiring process took too long. And you had to find a suitable match for the vacant position as soon as possible. Whatever the case may be, it becomes apparent soon enough that you were mistaken.

With all the time wasted in the recruitment process, this will only add up to the company’s loss. So what will it cost you overall?

The Costs

What are the costs in question? Take a look at the list below before hiring a candidate to save your company’s time and money.

Visa Costs

As per the Ministry of Labour, every company based in the UAE has to undergo a vigorous process of visa applications. That comes along with providing medical insurance to a new employee. If the new employee isn’t suitable, you will have to end the contract. Which will pile up the visa cancellation fees for the company?

Loss of Resources

Apart from the loss of productivity during the learning period for the new employee. And those who help them with company fundamentals, with the termination of every wrong person you lose some knowledge, customers and the network of the person leaving. Also, the vacant position will lead to a loss of efficiency as the work will either be wrapped-up or have to be dumped on other employees present.

Loss of Revenue

If the employee you have hired is actively involved in the sales process of your business. Or is indirectly supporting this activity, then his/her lack of proficiency leads to the loss of sales opportunities for your company. A prospect you lose is a customer that your competitor gains. Moreover, the time that this employee spent –and effectively wasted– for your company is priceless and cannot be compensated in any way.

Additional expenses

With every employee that leaves, a company loses the money paid for advertising the new position on job portals, the money invested in the training of the employee, the salary disbursed during their employment period, allowances provided in the form of accommodation, transport or phone expenses and compensation paid for an early termination in case of a limited contract.

Loss of Man-Hours

The smooth operation of a firm depends on the efficient work of a team. For every employee who leaves, there will be someone required to conduct the exit interview, process the visa cancellation, process the remuneration, etc.

To fill the vacant position again. It will require time and effort from both the administrative staff and the management to sort through

  • new resumes,
  • interview process by different managers,
  • orientation program, training process,
  • applying for a new visa and the list continues.

The aforementioned costs will occur when hiring every new candidate no matter. If the employee is a good, perfect or a bad fit for the company. But these costs increase if the new employee doesn’t fit properly in the organization and the position. Thus, the cost of hiring the wrong employee is significantly more than the cost of hiring a more productive new person with a higher salary.

The Ideal Solution

With freelancing becoming legal in the UAE, companies can now outsource freelancers who can work on a given project be it on-site or remotely. The best part is that there’s no visa-hassle and no investment in training as most of the freelancers work on their own visas. Freelancers are experienced in their field and charge only for their highly proficient performance. While hiring the wrong freelancer might also be a risk of itself. The costs, in that case, are far less if things go wrong.

Another tack to take would be to hire candidates on a freelance basis until they prove. they are right for the job. And then offer them a full-time spot on staff.


So what do you do if amid the new employee settling down with his job you realize that you have made an erroneous decision? Not much you can do, because at that point, it becomes apparent it’s too late to do anything. In a place like Dubai, a majority of work-force comes from different countries.  Hiring the wrong person will not only lead to loss of time. But the company may lose a good amount of money in the hiring and termination process as well. That’s why the best option is to prevent it from happening in the first place. The most cost-effective solution would certainly be hiring a freelancer to do the job.


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