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6 Productivity Tips for Freelancers

Tips for freelancers, Working freelance has long become a worldwide trend. It’s reached a level where some full-time employees would quit their jobs and opt for some freelance projects instead. If you want to know more about why people do that, you can head to 15 Popular Reasons to Become a Freelancer or Entrepreneur.

However, as with everything out there, there are some disadvantages to working on a freelance basis, such as failing to be productive while working at home. The need here is to ensure that the freelancers get more out of each passing day.

Why Is It Hard for Freelancers to Be Productive?

Being a freelancer comes with significant challenges, as there is no boss to look over their shoulders when it comes to particular aspects of the job. There is always a temptation to press a snooze button more than once and postpone the work they should do. Sometimes it’s hard to get into a productive mood when you’re staying at home and following similar routines to any normal day. It’s much harder to separate “work hours” and “break hours” when they both merge in together.

How Do You Increase Your Productivity?

1. Figure out your most productive hours.

Everybody has a different way of working and there is no perfect time when every person can work with the same productivity level. Some prefer working late nights while others prefer working in the early morning. Hence, if you wish to be productive as a freelancer then the trick is to identify your best work time. This will not only help you in delivering your work at an optimum level, but it will also make you free to plan schedules.

2. Eat right.

Freelancers generally have a tendency to enter the kitchen and munch on goodies whenever they get stuck on a project. This usually gives momentary satisfaction, but often makes them sluggish on account of carbs and sugar present in the food. The best thing is to consume fresh fruits, salads or some proteins instead. This will help in boosting up energy levels and making you feel full as well.

3. Avoid distractions.

One of the most common forms of distraction for a freelancer is the phone. The constant notifications make it hard for you to concentrate. If you look at your phone every time a notification sounds, you’ll end up wasting a chunk of time on the phone and checking emails. In this case, it is best to follow the 50-minute focus strategy given by Steve Slaunwhite. It is all about setting a 50-minute timer and then start your work. During this time, avoid answering phone calls, checking emails or anything that may distract you. Also, take a twenty-minute break when the timer goes off. Follow this simple technique and see your productivity as a freelancer boost with the passage of time.

4. Analyze what you’ve accomplished at day end.

It is very essential for you to check your productivity level by day end. Ask yourself if you were able to accomplish what you planned for the day. If not, then what were the issues? Also, check if you are loaded with too much work responsibilities in a day. This will make you stressed and diminish your productivity. What are the elements that are distracting you? Remember, the distractions may not be physical like your phone, work chores, etc. They can be mental as well such as distracting thoughts about work-based responsibilities; future plans among other things.

5. Lower your stress levels.

It is very essential to practice yoga and meditation as being at home. Sometimes tips for freelancers being a freelancer may affect your social life and keep you at home and devoid of any interactions you would have had at an office. This, in turn, may affect your mood and add more pressure on you to get your work done, as well as cause you depression. Hence, it is essential to relieve stress, make yourself focused and calm. This is most likely to increase your productivity as a freelancer. You can also change your venue, a change in your work environment may help you avoid your work like becoming so routine and boring.

6. Schedule yourself some personal time.

As a freelancer, it is always essential for you to maintain a work/life balance. Thus, you should allow yourself for some personal time no matter how busy your schedule is. It is often important tips for freelancers to be away from work so as to gain a new perspective or solution to an issue you’re facing. Pamper yourself, get social, and go for a movie or shopping with your friends. After all, you are working hard for yourself and you deserve a break as well.


Tips for Freelancers, Itis not as easy as your willpower on some days is better than other days. Issues arise when you have too much work to do on the low days. It happens to the best of freelancers, but staying productive is the only way forward. Make use of the above tips to be on top in spite of the workload and you will succeed in your industry.

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