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UAE Companies Hiring Freelancers: The Latest Trend?

Dubai has been one of the most progressive and successful cities not just within the UAE, but on a worldwide scale. Not only that, it has become a business hub for trades and investments. That is why most of the budding and established companies here are looking forward to the forthcoming Expo Dubai 2020.

With all of these potential new businesses. It’s natural to start thinking of all the job opportunities that might arise from them. However, the assumption that these jobs will go to full-time employees is no longer a given one. With the rise in a number of freelancers, the common norm of employment is constantly changing.

What is Expo Dubai 2020?

Before we dive into anything, let’s explain what Dubai Expo 2020 is and why it’s one of the most long-awaited events of 2020.

This World Expo is breaking boundaries by being the first one to be held in the MENA region, fighting norms. And holding onto a mountain of responsibility in order to make this a successful one. The theme chosen for this particular event is “connecting minds, creating the future.”

Not only that, but 133 countries have announced their intentions to take part in the event, promising an estimate of AED122.6 billion as a financial boost to the economy.
The opportunities this major event will bring and the changes it will have on the community is something that should not be missed.

What doors is the added VAT opening?

The exposition is not the only thing bringing change to the UAE. The current edition of the value-added tax in Dubai has also brought new changes as well.

According to Gareth El Mettouri, Associate Director at Robert Half Middle East, “There are some emerging trends that are creating a resurgence in the hiring climate. One of these is the build-up to Expo 2020, which is accelerating the outlook for new hiring. Another is the proposed introduction of value-added tax [VAT] in 2018 and potential changes to corporate tax that are still in discussion.”

What does that mean for freelancing?

In this fast pace economy and evolving city, UAE Companies are now being flexible in order to sustain their businesses. And maintain their relevance in the industry. The availability of skilled freelancers gives them the chance to start new trends that are a breath of fresh air to the traditional way of hiring and recruiting.

Freelancing has a different system in terms of work, and companies nowadays are acknowledging this opportunity and adapting it to their policies and systems. It is important to adapt and thrive especially with the new policies and laws being implemented in the city. As freelancers have been working on the shadows for years, now they are starting to be pushed into the glaring spotlight of recruiters. This is naturally a game-changer on so many scales.

What’s the verdict?

UAE Companies, Therefore to answer the question of whether there is a trend among UAE companies in hiring on-demand employees, the answer is yes! Especially if one knows where to look in this pool overflowing with talent and opportunities.

Being diverse is essential in the economy. And freelancers have that unique capacity and quality in them that makes them now desirable to the employers. Freelancers have more chances to handle projects and are more welcomed with this new trend that is currently happening and being adapted in the workforce.


UAE Companies are finding freelancers are dynamic when it comes to handling projects and managing their time. And companies are now aware of their potential to contribute to their output. Therefore companies are investing more on their skill sets and creative contributions. In fact, nowadays freelancers in Dubai are considered like the holy grail. It is an advantageous circumstance that businesses are paving way for them in the corporate scene of the UAE.

Dubai is a land flowing with milk and honey, and if you are a freelancer. This is the best time to take your chances with this burning moment you shouldn’t miss!

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