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How to Hire Freelancers for Data Entry Jobs in the UAE

There are many data entry jobs within a company that needs to be done. But it can be unbelievably dull it’s hard to motivate someone to have them done without remarkable financial compensation. And data entry just happens to be one of them. Since it doesn’t require much creativity and is mostly concentrated on monotonous but focused work, employees usually shy away from it. Which is why today we’re bringing you a simple solution to having that work done, and done well. But first, let’s dive into the basics of what data entry is.


What’s a data entry job?

Data entry is basically a job where an employee inputs a specific type of data, depending on the company they’re working for, from a fixed source – whether it be a non-electronic source or a fixed layout – into the required online database. At times this can fall under the umbrella of transcribing, as employees are required to enter scripts from videos or recordings they listen to. While this job is particularly popular and in demand in the following fields: healthcare, retail and eCommerce, banking and finance, transportation and logistics, and real estate.


What’s a data entry operator?

Now onto the person doing the job: a data entry operator. That person is responsible for maintaining accurate, up-to-date and useable information. Even they assemble, authenticate and sort information according to pre-defined parameters set to prepare source data to be entered into a computer.

Since data entry is such a niche requirement in any organization, incorrect data entered at the source can create many issues within a company. So, which is why a focused operator is required for this particular job. For example, while applying for UAE visas in bulk, wrong information inputted by a data entry operator can cause the applications to be rejected. This would potentially cost a company thousands, as each application requires a fee to be paid upfront for it to be processed. Needless to say, as dull as it sounds. it’s important to find the perfect person to handle this particular job, as one small mistake can be deadly to a company.


Why is it better to hire a freelance data entry operator?

As we mentioned before, hiring an in-house data entry operator, or asking someone to do that task can be rather costly. It’s a very time-consuming job and tends to make employees exert a lot of energy for something they might not be that happy within the end. All in all, it’s a rather unrewarding job, so finding the right person for it on a full-time basis can be very difficult.

That is why hiring a freelancer to get the job done is the most optimal solution. As this is their livelihood, they tend to be professional and can make the time for it without cutting corners. While it can be a bit expensive, in the long run, it’s far less expensive than hiring one in-house. Considering how competitive it is with the many data entry operators out there. You can find a freelancer to do the job for you for a reasonably good price.


What to look for in a data entry operator?

Freelance data entry operators can be found all over the internet. After all, it requires minimal skills, which is why it’s the go-to job for many freelancers. It’s easy, can be done from home, and it doesn’t have fixed hours or require certification. However, since a lot of people seem to cling to it as a last resort when it comes to finding an ideal job. It’s hard to find the perfect candidate amidst them all. To help you out here is what you should do:


1. Look into their previous work.

You need to ask to see some of their previous work (and compare it to the source to see how well a job they’d done). Then, you can ask them how long it took them to accomplish it. And how much time it requires them to accomplish specific tasks.


2. Come up with a writing/typing test.

After you’ve seen their previous work and everything looks legitimate. it’s time for a trial run to ensure everything adds up and they’re the perfect ones for data entry jobs. There are various typing tests online that can help you predict the candidate’s typing speed. You can also come up with your own test to see how fast they can be done with your work.


3. Find the right candidates.

And of course, finding the right candidate is an intricate task of itself. Since everyone is on the lookout for an easy job. And wading through the scammers and unqualified candidates is a very important thing to do. Naturally, there are many trustworthy online sites to help you find the right person for the job, one of which just happens to be Xpertin.


How do you find the right candidates?

Xpertin makes the hiring process a far safer one, and very easy at that. Data entry operators are encouraged to provide a portfolio with sample work. And a descriptive profile for you to gauge their level of expertise. This completely removes the guesswork from the hiring process. If you are worried about the quality of work or about payments, we got you covered. We offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the work done.



Data entry jobs are vital to many companies and is an essential one at that. It doesn’t make it an easy one, or one people enjoy doing. The best thing to do in that case is to hire the right freelancer. And you’ll ensure the best results and for a much lower price than in-house workers.


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