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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Freelancer Over a Full-Time Employee

Full-Time Employee are undoubtedly the most valued resources at the largest and most successful organizations. The importance of employees cannot be overstated. Some employers put their employees even before customers. Hiring employees is so fundamental to running businesses that industries across the world measure work in terms of full-time equivalents (FTEs).

At the same time, conventional business models are evolving into newer and more profitable ways to do business. Startups around the world are growing by relying on the expertise of a team of remote workers. The number and size of ‘nonemployer firms’ are on the rise in the US and elsewhere.

Here is a list of ten concrete reasons why business owners increasingly prefer freelancers in favor of full-time staff.

1. Receive reliable results:

Freelancers get hired to do what they do because they are great at it. Self-employed experts possess specialized skills. Millions of firms worldwide hire tax attorneys toward the close of the financial year, even though many nations do not make it a legal requirement to have taxes filed only by a tax lawyer. A freelancer is an obvious choice to get complex, specialized work is done reliably.

2. Get access to skills that are unavailable in-house:

When your car breaks down you don’t sign-up for an auto-repair course; you call a mechanic. When a Chinese manufacturing firm wants to expand operations in a GCC nation they don’t send one of their managers to Arabic classes. They hire a GCC native business developer. When your business is in immediate need of skills that none of your employees possess, there is no better substitute than to hire the services of a skilled freelancer.

3. Discover new talent:

Clients sometimes need projects completed urgently. When laden with more work than they can handle, publishing houses and software firms hire freelance writers and programmers to get things done fast. Some freelancers make an impression with the superlative quality work they do. Firms try to hire these outstanding performers as employees as soon as full-time Employees open up. Hiring freelancers can, therefore, be an effective way to find great talent.

4. Expand your organization’s competence:

Hiring specialized freelancers can widen the collective repertoire of skills that your company offers. For example, you may be a publishing startup that employs writers and offers writing services. Your budget may not allow you to hire illustrators and graphic artists. You can contact these experts as freelancers and provide more comprehensive publishing services to your clients while operating within your budget. In this way, freelance specialists can help small businesses grow and help large businesses explore new domains. Expanding your skill base with freelancers can help you add unsurpassed value to your clients and give you an edge over your competition.

5. Improve your speed of doing business:

Consider a one-time data analysis job that your business needs to be done for a client. You can hire a full-time analyst, have one of your existing employees trained, or hire a freelancer online. Your quickest and most cost-effective solution is likely the latter option. Freelancers can help you get things done quickly. Moreover, there are good reasons to expect that a freelancer will complete the same amount of work faster. Not least of these is that a freelancer gets paid at the end of a job well-done, while an employee gets a fixed salary at the end of the month regardless of the quality of output.

6. Benefit from the freelancer’s rich & varied experience:

Most offshore oil rigs hire underwater welders and other skilled divers. These professionals are highly trained experts and there is no substitute for their skills. Yet, practically all of them work on contracts. A commercial diver retiring with pension and benefits is unheard of. Similarly, fitness trainers usually work with many employers simultaneously. One can easily get fitness advice from a book or follow one of the countless routines available online, but there is no real substitute for the personalized attention and the wealth of experience that an actual trainer can bring. Businesses should value the richness of freelancers’ expertise and make the most of it.

7. Free up full-time employees to focus on the core business:

If you are a marketing firm your employees probably need to conduct multiple meetings with each client to build long term relationships and trust. Full-time marketing experts on your company’s permanent payroll are the best people to do so effectively. At the same time, your dedicated marketing managers should not need to waste their time doing noncore activities. You can hire Full-Time Employee to organize promotional events, design brochures and analyze the results of market surveys so that your core employees can remain focused on the core functions of your business.

8. Enjoy flexibility:

By hiring freelancers for specific projects you need to hire talent only when you need it. You are not restricted in the nature and type of talent you can hire. An unlimited pool of resources of unsurpassed versatility is perpetually at your disposal. You can take-up almost any kind of project knowing that you can find a skilled freelancer to fulfill it. Essentially, by hiring freelancers you get anything done anytime.

9. Cut your overheads:

Freelancers work from home or full-time employees in the field. They don’t expect you to provide office space or facilities. Having freelancers allows you to reduce your Full-Time Employee and have a smaller office. That means lower rent and smaller utility bills. You also need fewer workstations, less equipment and a smaller amount of office furniture. You end-up paying less for cleaning, maintenance, upkeep, security, and insurance. If you can run your business entirely without full-time staff, you need not have a physical office at all.

10. Enjoy massive long term savings:

Full-Time Employee spends a fixed number of hours every day at the office regardless of the amount of work they do. They use electricity, heating/cooling, and facilities. They take breaks, chat, and gossip. From time to time they face issues which, as an employer, you are expected to resolve. They spend time and money commuting to and from work. Being an employer you indirectly or directly pay for inefficiency. You also have obligations related to your employees’ retirement contributions, benefits, insurance, work permits and the like. These obligations are linked to still more overheads such as recruitment, HR, payroll, security, and legal considerations. By opting for freelancers in favor of full-time employee you can reduce or eliminate all of these costs and inefficiencies.


Hiring a freelancer rather than a full-time employee has a lot to offer you and your business. The trick is to find the right freelancer that will suit your business needs. In doing so, you can guarantee yourself the best results for the cheapest prices, and less trouble than you’d go for while hiring a full-timer. For more on where to find qualified freelancers in the Middle East, Xpertin can be a great deal of help for you!

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